Hudson Valley History Hunt:
October-November 2020
Historical Cemetery Hunt: Montrepose Cemetery

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In the spirit of Halloween, this History Hunt takes place in famous cemeteries of the Hudson Valley.

RULES: Visit: Montrepose Cemetery: 75 Montrepose Avenue, Kingston New York 12401

Find the gravesites of the person mentioned in each clue and document your discovery with a photo, which should then be uploaded to Instagram and tagged #hvhistoryhunt. If you cannot make it there in person, you can search online and document your discovery with a screen shot. You might also want to print out this form and take it with you on your hunt!

Find at least five gravesites to qualify for a History Hunt Certificate and be entered into the monthly raffle for other prizes.  As you make your discoveries, check off the clues where the people are listed. Then click “I Found Them!” to get your certificate and be entered in the raffle.

Please remember that you are visiting an active cemetery — a place of reflection. You are encouraged to explore the cemetery  and walk on the grass to find grave sites in the hunt. However, running and shouting, climbing on graves or monuments, or taking selfies is discouraged.

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Map of Montrepose Cemetery


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